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    Well see what had happened was . . .


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    Well see what had happened was . . . Empty Well see what had happened was . . .

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    DeJaVu was originally created by me on my Aloken, Kachiri, just about a year ago. Shortly after the Christmas PVP tournament in 2009 we all went our separate ways. Well about 2 months ago I quit NA normal Cabal after having 2 Luminosity Bringers on the same account....(got boring) and returned home.

    Upon arrival I got a very warm welcome from the old community and even faces I'd never seen before. This excited me and I urged my friend AzreaL to begin on this server. For about 2 weeks it was just me and Azreal rolling together with no hope or goals for the guild. It wasn't until I met a summoner named ZoneEnder in the Chain of Fire 4 hours before Dead Front started. Curiously I asked what he was doing and he flooded me with some of the noobest Dead Front question ever (sorry zone <3).

    Shortly after accepting ZoneEnder into DeJaVu, we just went on with our every day business. When we would PVP or PK we would always make sure there was an audience and slowly but surely we were getting requests for guild invites. At the time we just started accepting and by the time we knew it the day had come:
    w/o ever recruiting we hit 50 active members.

    Now we are a close knit group that has a lot of fun together.....

    whether it's racing horses around Loa for the DeJaVu Derby Event...
    Well see what had happened was . . . Dekaro22

    being victims of [GM] brutality outside Loa Castle...
    Well see what had happened was . . . Dekaro21

    or finding out which Elite Kingdoms Staff members love us the most ^>^ ps:ignore chat box =/
    Well see what had happened was . . . Dekaro23

    We also have many other guild events included but not limited to Guild Leader Scavenger Hunt, IP Race, Pvp Bracket Tourny, Crespo Dungeon Races and more!!!

    all that's waiting is your application!!!

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    Well see what had happened was . . . Newsig12

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    Well see what had happened was . . . Empty Cute SS

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    I like Imba's SS the most. Cute.

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